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St. Catherine Cathedral's Reconstruction Program in Tsarskoe Selo

   St. Catherine Catherine Cathedral's Reconstructionin Tsarskoe Selo" is a charitable foundation established to support the reconstruction of a unique monument of spiritual and architectural significance in the town ofTsarskoe Selo. It is the Russian Orthodox church built on the town square named in honour of the Martyr St. Catherine.

Historical Background

This Cathedral was not only the central temple of the town, but also the tallest building in Tsarskoe Selo at the time, built specifically to be visible when approaching the town by railroad. The railroad, which was the first branch in Russia, and town's rail station were being built at the same time as the cathedral, establishing the central geometric axis for the town plan, with central Broad Street connecting to Catherine's Cathedral

   The vaults of the cathedral contained a vestry, a candle pantry, and a temporary burial crypt. In the east corner of the Cathedral, there was the last resting place of the hero of the Great Patriotic War of 1812, general Zaharjevsky (1780-1865).

   From 1872 to 1878 another local church, the church of The Birth of Our Lady, at the all-male academy on Naberejnaya St., was assigned to the Cathedral. In 1922, a large number of valuables from the Cathedral was moved to the museum of Catherine Palace. Among them was the above mentioned Our Holy Lady by Paolo Veronese.

Reconstruction of the St. Catherine Cathedral

   The reconstructed Cathedral of Saint Catherine will be identical to it predecessor, as constructed by the architect К. А. Tone in the Russian-Byzantine style. The cutting edge scientific methods will be used to achieve the result. The most important step of the project is the design for reconstruction. This phase will require the use of latest technologies of computer modelling, volumetric calculations, architectural prototyping and engineering computer analysis to account for acoustics, lighting and other aspects of the reconstruction. The walls on the ground floor and the three entrances - western, northern and southern - will be decorated with famous tiles manufactured by the Pytilov factory. The five domes of the Cathedral will be topped by octagonal gilded crosses and accented with installed lighting. Observation decks will be arranged at the top of the domes for tourists. The height of a cathedral will remain historically accurate at 53 meters. The area of the cathedral floor will stay the same at 1145 square meters to accommodate the original number of 2000 churchgoers. In accord with the modern times, the rebuilt Cathedral will be equipped with the latest technological commodities, which will include computers, air conditioning, fire alarm and prevention systems, closed circuit television, and will be connected to town's communication and utility systems.

Financial Maintenance of the Program

Contact information for the charitable "St. Catherine Cathedral's Reconstruction in Tsarskoe Selo" Fund:

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Sberbank Bank, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg 
In case of clearing or by written order to the charitable fund, in the field "reason for payment" please write "Charitable contribution to fund regulations. Tax deductible"

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