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Our history

The history of The Stroysvet Group began in 1996 and, during its 22 years of existence, has built numerous residential houses in Pushkin and Pavlovsk. The idea of common dwelling space was realized for the first time in Konyushennaya street, Pushkin, where the company built two houses aesthetically twinned and connected by a shared yard system allowing the residents to use all conveniences of the complex.

Today The Stroysvet Group combines the duties of customer, builder, investor and general contractor. New houses built by the company embody the best features of modern architecture: elegance and comfort of a standard where holistic functionality meets a spectacular aspect – with coziness and abundance of space, security throughout the buildings and the adjoining territory – all posited upon a well-developed and well thought-out infrastructure. All these qualities give scope for new tenants to use their creative imagination both at home and outdoors. 

Besides the construction of dwelling houses, The Stroysvet Group has carried out works for enterprises, organizations, and institutions of various lines of activities, such as banks, logistics companies, building firms, the Federal Security Service, Judicial Department, and the Ministry of Culture’s museums Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk.

In 2005 The Stroysvet Group began construction of a modern village as part of a project of individual building construction in the environs of Saint Petersburg. A pilot project of this trend is the projecting and construction of the elite village Glinky near the town of Pavlovsk.

In 2006 The Stroysvet Group worked out a program of the tourist-recreational zone Tsarskoselskaya. On behalf of the Administration of Saint Petersburg it was presented in the First Moscow International Forum and Exhibition “Tasks, opportunities, and prospects of special economic zones in the Russian Federation” held in Moscow at the International Trade Centre.

The same year, The Stroysvet Group took the lead in reconstruction of the Saint Catherine cathedral in Pushkin. From 2006 the company has been joint-founder of the charitable foundation Reconstruction of Saint Catherine’s Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo and is currently carrying out this the reconstruction. The laying of the foundation-stone took place on 7th December 2006. At the beginning of 2007 the Government of Saint Petersburg issued a decree supporting measures to revive this architectural monument, with the aim of reconstructing the cathedral as part of the 300 year jubilee of Pushkin town.

In 2007, The Stroysvet Group completed the construction of a shopping and entertainment centre near the metro station Koupchino. In the same year, construction of the new multifunctional shopping-entertainment centre Konstantinovsky in Tsarskoye Selo began.

In 2008 construction of a complex of town houses Kouzminskoye Plateau began in the northern part of Pushkin. The same year The Stroysvet Group took on the role of developer to the prospective International business park Shoushary which includes the shopping/entertainment centre near the southern part of the Saint Petersburg ring road.

In 2009 The Stroysvet Group presented the Shoushary business-park project at the 12th International commercial real estate exhibition EXPO REAL 2009 in Munich.

In 2010 the company has finished building the Glinky Cottage Village near Pavlovsk.

In 2011 company “Stroysvet” has finished building Multifunctional shopping-entertainment centre Konstantinovsky and has started realization of the civil-engineering design of modern Cottage Village “New-Tuutari” at Dudergofsky heights”.


Поддержка ТО "Духовное наследие"
Коттеджный поселок “Ново-Туутари” на Дудергофских высотах
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