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StroySvet: Construction of Everything from Cottages to Apartment Complexes

The StroySvet Group, a leading player in the local real estate market, is gradually expanding into new areas of property development. One of these projects is the construction of a modern cottage housing community on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

StroySvet has been independently managed since 1996, when it was spun-off as an independent organization. Since this time, StroiSvet has had considerable influence on the direction of property and city development in both Pushkin and Pavlovsk. In Pushkin, modern, comfortable dwellings now line Konyushennaya and Pushkinskaya Streets, and the hotel Natalie graces Malaya Street. In Pavlovsk, StroiSvet has constructed similar buildings on 1st Sovetskaya and Beryozovaya Streets. Standing on Konyushennaya Street in Pavlovsk is the first building in which individual living spaces share a common infrastructure.

Today, the StroySvet Group integrates all aspects of its functional activities as a customer, builder, designer, investor, and general contractor. As a result, StroySvet is able to efficiently build quality homes which embody the best features of modern architecture and design.

These elegant homes combine a high standard of thoroughness and efficiency to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Much consideration is also given to the internal design, resulting in a spacious and secure dwelling with modern, reliable infrastructure. A thorough examination of every minute detail shows the breadth and depth of imagination and expertise that goes into every construction. The rational layouts, custom exteriors, and landscaped yards create favorable impressions not only of the residences, but of the residents as well.

StroySvet offers cozy apartments in buildings which emanate comfort. Right now, on Octyabrskaya Boulevard and Orangereynaya Street in Pushkin, two innovative, low-rise apartment complexes with underground parking are being constructed.

At the complex on Octyabrskaya Boulevard, the apartments are designed to maximize natural lighting. Almost all the apartments have “sky terraces” and balconies which are protected from winter winds with sliding windows and glass doors. These new buildings are also distinguished by their energy efficiency. Independent apartment and water heating conserves considerable amounts of gas and water. StroySvet’s architects also consider local environmental and climatic factors to further reduce energy consumption. This means that the yards are not only landscaped for aesthetic beauty, but for practical reasons as well, such as positioning trees to shelter the buildings from the blazing summer sun. The exteriors of the buildings are finished in vivid, warm colors, but the interior colors vary from floor to floor. Colors such as golden-yellow and sky-blue remind residents and visitors of summer, warmth, and good weather.

The complex on Orangereynaya Street fulfills the standards of modern convenience and meets the expectations of its residents by offering efficient layouts, large kitchens, double-paned windows, independent apartment and water heating systems, water filtration systems, intercoms, a professional operations service, and much more. The majority of the apartments have a garden view. The architects paid great attention to the external appearance of the building, as well as to the interior design. Light, straw-faced bricks in combination with unique, vertically-oriented landscaping make this complex especially picturesque.

Presently, StroySvet is managing the construction of a ten-story apartment complex (series 600.11) in the village of Shoushary.

 This economy-class housing complex has many features: a loggia, spacious kitchens, triple-paned windows, multi-layered insulation, and effective soundproofing between the apartments. Thanks to new design technologies and construction methods, clients can customize the layout and size of their apartments. In summary, these are cozy, warm, comfortable apartments designed for the middle class. This residential complex in Shoushary will also offer the conveniences of city life right on its premises: shops, a cafe, a pharmacy, a bank, a nursery, ample parking, and a recreational area.

StroySvet’s sales incentives are very appealing. The price of one square meter, agreed upon in the contract, will remain unchanged while the building is being constructed. Apartments will be sold throughout the construction period, but those who sign a contract during the first phase of design and construction may save up to twenty percent.

Along with the construction of residential buildings, StroySvet is erecting a shopping and entertainment complex near the Kupchino metro station, situated at the intersection of Yaroslav Gashek and Malaya Balkanskaya Streets.

In the design stage of this project, StroySvet challenged its architects to create the most distinct structure in the area. The parameters were to design an entirely modern building, with a striking silhouette, and a mirrored facade to reflect all the colors of the day and night. The result was a completely original architectural conception, utilizing vertically-oriented, oval-shaped entryways, curved sides, and a facade composed almost entirely of tinted glass,

This building’s functional highlights include: a parking garage, car wash, and service station underground, a spacious lobby decorated with wood and natural stone, luxury shops, cafes, and a slot-machine hall on the ground floor, shops and a beauty salon the second floor, and a fitness club, billiards hall, and office space on the third floor.

This is also an incredibly efficient building, due to its use of interchangeable, modular units. The flexibility offered by these units quickly adapts the floor space to a wide range of applications, such as for storefronts, trade shows, or exhibitions.

A study of real estate trends conducted by StroySvet revealed much demand for cottage-style buildings. StroySvet’s group of companies has been at the forefront of this market since 2005, when it developed modern, cottage-style communities in Pushkin and Pavlovsk, suburbs of St. Petersburg.

The pilot project for this style of development was the elite cottage-style community called Glinky. This development harmoniously combines aesthetically pleasing exteriors with modern, functional living spaces, in the traditions of suburban St. Petersburg. In this project, StroySvet acted as commissioner of operations and constructor, the design work was taken on by ArCon, LLC., and the general contracting functions by StroyEngineering, LLC. A distinctive sales feature of this project is the issuance of notarized rights of land ownership to the buyers, which are transferred into a government-issued certificate of land ownership upon payment and signature of the investment contract. Each plot has a surveyed area of 25 hundred square metres.

By the end of 2005, StroySvet will have offered more than 80 plots of land, all prepared with the necessary infrastructure. These plots can be developed according to a variety of options packaged by StroySvet, or those self-selected by the client.

Today, StroySvet is issuing property rights and undertaking the necessary preparations for construction with clients who are prepared to develop plots with an area of or greater than 15 hundred square metres.

Over the years, StroySvet has built a reputation as a reliable partner. In this dynamic spirit, StroySvet is always ready to consider new partners in the field of cottage and residential complex construction.

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