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"Tsarskoe Selo, Our Fatherland". StroiSvet – A Long-Standing Tradition in Construction and Architecture

   This year, the construction company StroySvet will celebrate its 10th anniversary. During this time, the company has experienced much growth and has become well-known. It now comprises of several organizations which work not only in the Pushkin region, but in many other regions of St. Petersburg as well. Even with this expansion, StroySvet considers its priorities to be its design and construction projects in Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) and Pavlovsk.

   Those who have been in the Pushkin region of St. Petersburg couldn’t have helped but to feel the special atmosphere and spirit of this place. The greatest architects of the Russian Empire have left their marks here: Rastrelli, Cameron, Kvarengi, Neelov, Rinaldi, Felton, and others. During the summer, members of the Tsar’s court would come here, as well as other distinguished figures of the country, such as scholars and artists. References to these wonderful places can be found among the anthologies of Pushkin and his circle of poets, and those of the Silver Age.

In this tradition, architects and builders take into account the specifics of the planning and construction of these royal residences in the construction of new buildings, the reconstruction of former buildings, and the renovation of unique ensembles.

To preserve and further augment this tradition of our predecessors, StroySvet’s group of companies has developed diverse specialties.

For example, ArCon, LLC. specializes in project development; StroyEngineering, LLC. specializes in contracting; ZemleKop specializes in excavation work; Vertax specializes in supplying electrical materials and equipment; Algorithm specializes in land development around the St. Petersburg area; Diogen is constructing a 5000 square-meter shopping and entertainment complex near the Kupchino metro station; and etc.

StroySvet was founded as a subsidiary of the Tsarskoe Selo Energy Company for the purpose of installing cable, along with doing construction and repair work for transformer substations. After some time, however, it was spun off as an independent organization.

The main activities of the StroySvet group of companies are: design, construction, and operation of residential buildings.

StroySvet has erected three residential buildings in Pavlovsk, three in Pushkin, and eight in Strelna. For the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the company reconstructed a building in Pushkin to house Hotel Natalie, the first building of its type in this town. This project was completed in record time – one year.

Alongside its construction work, StroiSvet carries out repair and restoration work on historical and cultural monuments, including some of national significance. StroiSvet is licensed by the government to carry out restoration work on such structures. A few years ago, the company completed conservation work on the dacha of Z. E. Yusoupova, as well as reconstructing the building on Glinka Street which at one time belonged to the banker, Sobolev.

Along with the construction of residential buildings, StroiSvet is also engaged in certain types of highly-specialized work. Its specialists have installed the lighting systems for many of the streets in the region, they have converted practically all of the schools in the region from gas to electric, and they have carried out numerous projects involving electrical wiring, plumbing, communications, and etc.

Currently, StroySvet is building two residential buildings in Pushkin, and its partner, StroyGarant, LLC., is starting a project to develop an entire block in the village of Shoushary with apartments which will have a total area of 55,000 square meters.

In some cases, StroiSvet works as a general contractor and sub-contracts other firms to work on its projects. For example, all the roofs on the companies’ constructions have been installed by the firms Attics and Padams, which perform high-quality work according to schedule. Modern, reliable plastic-glass windows are manufactured and installed by the firm Contact-Comfort. StroiSvet also cooperates with MNR, LLC., SevZapMontage, LLC., StroiKom TSS, LLC., privately-held TSEC, and many others.

The residential complexes constructed by StroiSvet are oriented toward a wide range of consumers, from the low to high-end markets.

For example, fully-finished apartments in Shoushary (series 600.11) will sell for around $700 per square meter. The prices of higher-end offerings rise in accordance to the level of luxury. Considering the atmospheres of Pushkin and Pavlovsk, StroySvet builds only in brick exteriors, which is stylistically consistent with the historical buildings in these areas.

StroySvet works in many different regions of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. For example, it played an active role in arranging the street lights around the Spit of Vassielievsky Island, and in Krasnoe Selo it was involved in the construction of the furniture factory workshop. However, the company maintains its local focus, concentrating on construction and development projects in its native territory. It is also proud to give back to its community by involving itself in charitable work, such as supporting the veterans of World War II.

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Журнал "Строительство и городское хозяйство в Санкт-Петербурге и Ленинградской области" №78 Июль 2005.


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