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All construction projects of The Stroysvet Group are delivered by its own construction units. The Group comprises of: a general contractor unit, StroyIngeneering, which delivers the main construction work; and ArCon for projecting. In addition, the company StroyGarant the construction in Shoushary.

The Group’s work capacity, alongside the professionalism of both its governing body and employees, enable the company to offer the construction market a full array of services all the way from projecting to the completion of construction. In forming contracts to carry out both the work of the general contractor and of the project management, the group is able to shorten construction lead times and provide efficiency of investments to clients.

Today the companies of Stroysvet Group carry out construction, reconstruction, fundamental repairs, public and industrial buildings. In addition to building construction, the companies of Stroysvet carry out repair and reconstruction work for the cultural and historical monuments of federal importance.

Construction of dwelling houses is a specific character of Stroysvet Company but not the only trend.

StroySvet (812) 452-1085; (812) 465-1078 f.
StroyIngeneering (812) 452-0994; (812) 465-1078 f.
ArCon (812) 452-0996; (812) 452-0997 f.
StroyGarant (812) 452-0992; (812) 465-1078 f.
Algoritm (812) 452-1085; (812) 465-1078 f



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